Year Three: First Experiences

This final internship with OC will hopefully bring a much deeper understanding of medicine as well as further insight into the life of a physician. Last year I was able to learn a lot from working alongside Dr. Jubay but my hopes are to further my understanding with him this upcoming year in regards to his chronic care, acute assessments, and ER care.  The major goals of my internship this year to learn more about the diagnostic testing involved in chronic care as well as the long-term goal planning process with patients, how to correctly tend to acute assessments further than simple textbook suggestions, and how to properly work with a team during emergency care situations. I also hope to get to know my family physician more, build a stronger bond with him, and to continue obtaining “nuggets” of wisdom from him.

In the previous internship with OC at Friona Rural Health Clinic (FRHC), I was able to get to know Dr. Jubay further than simply as my doctor. I was able to get to know his family, share his humor, learn his culture and traditions, as well as to learn about his past experiences. With his guidance, I was able to learn how to be more driven, disciplined, and dedicated to not only the medical field but to people in general. My hopes for this year is to continue to get to know him more, to learn from his example, and to learn aspects of the physician life that not everyone gets to learn about till they’re there. I hope to learn how a physician should manage his finances, his work and social life, his role in the community, and how a physician should carry themselves. So far, Dr. Jubay has been an amazing teacher.

My internship experiences thus far have been great! The first two days consisted of learning the updates that occurred to the system in preparation for my use in helping Dr. Jubay as well as in teaching him when he returns from his CME. The past few weeks I was able to teach Dr. Jubay the system as well as being able to master the majority of it. Furthermore, this past week was special in that I was able to help Dr. J in a skin tag removal procedure. I had been able to help before under his guidance in using liquid nitrogen but this past time I was helping clot the patient’s blood with silver nitrate. These experiences have been amazing and they’re only the beginning!


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