Year Three: Community Service and Mentorship

Hello again! This blog is over my community service hours throughout my first few weeks of the Fall 2017 semester at WTAMU. Over the course of the past two years, I have worked as a tutor and resident assistant for WT. However this year, I wanted to be able to help students further by being able to tutor students in the residential halls since that was a new initiative started by the tutoring department. Unfortunately, that plan quickly fell through and there weren’t any tutors stationed in the residential halls. Since this situation occurred, I took it upon myself to volunteer my time and help the students of Buff hall by hosting study sessions on the third floor and in the main lobby. Furthermore, I wanted to do something more meaningful with various students I had gotten to know the previous year so I decided to initiate a mentorship program much like that which I had learned at WT’s Wesley Student Ministries.

The initial tutoring sessions weren’t the most productive, as they usually are mostly concerned with getting to know how the students study, their academic behavior, their goals for the semester, and their study skills and preferred methods. Once these initial steps were taken, I was able to help tutor 4-5 students consistently over the initial few weeks leading up to now midterms. Luckily, most of the subjects I’m tutoring, I am very confident in and others have been a bit of a learning curve as well. I am currently tutoring three students in biology, one in calculus, and helping another in his study skills for the nursing program. My three students studying biology are residents of buff hall and they are doing amazing! They all made an A on this past test that occurred! The other two students are not residents of buff hall both they also made A’s on their respective tests that just passed. Even though these students could have other tutors, I think what makes it worth it for them is that I get to break down the material to the most simple terms that could be used in order to understand it as well as to achieve what the professor intends for them. Secondly, I think that the students appreciate the convenience that I provide in that I generally can work late hours, long hours, and in various places with various amounts of people. What I’m taking from this is building up my concrete knowledge, my people skills, and how to manage to help others learn efficiently but quickly.

The last facet of my community service for WT was in starting a mentorship program with three students. One student came from my tutoring sessions, the one in the nursing program, and the other two are both in my academic department. Each has their own unique personality, Jama being super outgoing and talkative, Michael being talkative yet cautious of what he likes to share or not, and Bryan who is a super easy going individual yet wants to be taken a bit more serious. With these three men, I have been able to pour into them in various areas of their life. One such area was obviously academics but more importantly, I was able to share with them ambition and determination. I was able to show them how to be more disciplined and how to be more productive. Furthermore, we were able to find in each other, reasons to keep pushing despite various setbacks that occurred this semester. Specifically, I saw immense growth in Bryan and am super amazed at the great man he is becoming. Michael has also made significant progress in his relational viewpoints and goals. Jama, well Jama is constantly progressing and I pray he continues to do so as he moves toward the journey of becoming an integral part of the medical field.

Bryan during our Mentorship meetings
Michael during our Mentorship meetings
Me during a tutoring session

I was extremely honored to have taken part of these community service events. Despite being at odd hours and for long lengths, I enjoyed every aspect. Additionally, although many of the conversations I had in the mentor group turned to be super personal, I was able to learn that through vulnerability and honesty, many gaps can be bridged toward a common goal and a deeper understanding of value.

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