Wrap up!

Hello Everyone,

Wow, my internship is already come and gone. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. I had two supervisors and they were amazing. I could not have done any of this without the help and support from them. Thank you John and Calley, y’all were great. This job has been my favorite job I have ever had. I have had many great hands on learning opportunities. I love how my projects were targeted towards what I want to do in the future. A huge hank you to Ogallala Commons, the non-profit organization is truly remarkable. I love how they focus on communities and rural areas.

My internship kicked off with summer school. Most people don’t look forward to summer school, but I was very excited for it. It was definitely a rewarding hands-on learning experience. There were five students and the teacher and I split them up. We took turns with each student. I loved seeing a student smile and get real big eyed when they finally figured out how to do a problem; and knowing I helped them succeed made me so happy. After helping with summer school, I for sure know I am on the right career path.

The summer lunch program was very emotional for me. I had to learn not to let my emotions take over. This project made me realize how thankful I am for the life I have. This program is targeted for low-income/low socioeconomic families. Monday through Friday, any 1-18 year old can eat a free hot lunch.

National Farmers Union All-States Camp in Bailey, Colorado was so much fun. I enjoyed getting to know kids from up North. It’s crazy how close you can get to someone in just a week. I learned that although everyone was different in so many ways, we were all there to achieve the same goal and all had the same mind set. I also learned to wear appropriate shoes when hiking.  Yes, I fell.  Just like last year.

Meals on Wheels Delivery was also an emotional project for me. Knowing that I was the only person some of the elder would see, made me really sad. I made sure I always had a smile on my face had a conversation with each one.

Although my internship is now over, I still want to volunteer there and help deliver. My community service project was another favorite, the Swisher County Picnic. I have helped every year since I was little but this year, I really got to be on the other side of it. From decorating a cowboy boot piñata, cutting 100 pounds of onions, selling tickets for the BBQ meal, making a program for the rodeo, being a time keeper for Pokey the Clown, and calling over 50 businesses. This project had the most different tasks in just one week. That week was so busy but it was a blast.

I really enjoyed my internship this summer, it kept me busy and I learned vital information that will help me in the future. Thank you again, Ogallala Commons for this opportunity. Thank you, Swisher County for choosing me to complete this internship. In the future, I plan on volunteering as much as I can in my free time, I loved helping others.

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