Working for the Harvest Center





For the ten hours of community service I worked at the Woodland Park Harvest Center. The Woodland Park Harvest Center is a non-profit organization that helps educate the community on how to contribute to organic high altitude gardening. They also have a greenhouse, in which they grow produce to donate to those who need it most.

I chose to volunteer at the Harvest Center to learn about high altitude gardening, to help those in need in our community, and to gain experience in learning how to work and maintain a greenhouse. The greenhouse I worked for was very unique; it was a geometric dome that had solar panels and a mini pond inside to keep it rather temperate. It was a very expensive and complicated design, but was completed with the help of grants.

For three weeks I would go to the greenhouse almost everyday and water the plants, pull out the weeds, and trim back the plants to keep them safe and healthy from disease and the little critters.

The best part about volunteering at the Greenhouse was being able to drive to a beautiful ranch and be in a peaceful environment, and caring for the plants that would eventually produce such nutritious food.

The most challenging part of my volunteering was trying to fit in time with family and friends before I leave for college. Trying to be out there everyday made it difficult to catch friends also departing to their Universities.

Volunteering at the greenhouse really helped educate me on high altitude gardening, harvesting produce, and helping those in need. I am much more confident with my gardening skills after this summer, I may have much more to learn before building my own greenhouse, but I am grateful for whatever knowledge is given to me. Knowing it is for a great cause is also an empowering feeling. I hope I can work in many more organizations like the Harvest Center.






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