Within the Prairies: Hannah Gideon

Within the beautiful gold prairies of Kansas, a charming small town resides amongst the hills. Whether it is remembered by its charismatic residents, the history associated with it, or the vast beauty around it; gorgeous Russell, Kansas brings the feeling of home to many. I do not doubt that without the charm of this town, this area would be missing the heart that beats within every human. Although this is not what we should be focused on, but rather what makes this community so special

“Arts & Culture” Throughout Russell, there are many artists with outstanding work. We also have many statues throughout the community that show part of Russell’s history. Although all of our local artists may not still be alive, they will forever be in everyone’s hearts. 

“Foodshed Agriculture” is a massive industry in the community. Many farmers dedicate their lives to producing food for others, no matter how much money they truly might be making. One local food producer that continues to amaze me is Alice Hill and her dedication to providing food to Luray, Kansas, a town 20 minutes to the North of Russell. 

“Leisure & Recreation” We also have many parks in Russell for people of all ages to enjoy. Recently, we even had kids raise money through lemonade stands to provide funds for a new park. Our city department does an amazing job caring for these places and I couldn’t ask for a better area to be. 

“Renewable Energy” Nearby, there are many windmills surrounding Russell. This is a well-known source of renewable energy in our community. 

“History” A former intern, Emerson Nichols, created a QR walk with the help of the Russell Historical Society that showcases many historical spots in Russell and explains each spot very well. 

“Health” Yoga and Massage of Central Kansas provide yoga sessions for the community and surrounding areas. It is very relaxing to experience and an excellent de-stressor. 

“Education” Laugh N’ Learn Daycare and Preschool is an excellent place to educate the little ones. 

“Spirituality” Recently, we have lost a light in our community. He was a sophomore in High School and always could make everyone around him laugh. Once his passing was heard of, the community immediately got together and helped that family through their grieving process. I find this incredibly heartwarming and it shows how much this community cares for one another. 

“Soil & Mineral Cycle” Russell is a massive producer of many crops like wheat and sorghum. 

“Water Cycle” Recently, there has been a large debate on where our water is coming from. We get our water from the Ogallala Aquifer, but conservationists are forcing us to reduce usage to help conserve the water. As a result, if conservationists are successful, our water bills will dramatically increase in price. 

“Wildlife & Natural World” Nearby, Wilson Lake is a massive area that is a beautiful place to tap into the natural world. It is a beautiful lake that is considered one of the clearest lakes in Kansas. Adding our beautiful sunsets there, and it might be one of the most gorgeous sights you may ever see. 

“Sense of Place” Overall, I believe that what gives Russell its sense of place is the people throughout the community. Each person here is what makes Russell’s home and the community the place it is.

Although I barely touched on what makes Russell so wonderful, there will always be much more to discover inside. Hopefully, Russell continues to grow its amazing community throughout the years to come and provide lovely opportunities for all.

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