What’s My Summer Like?

              Blog 2: What Have I Been Up To?

              After finishing my fourth market, it’s time to share what I’ve been working on this summer. I’m still working on improving the website from last year, adding new information and removing outdated information. It’s been slower progress this year since I’ve picked up some other projects this year to work on alongside the website. Before the market started, for example, I worked on updating the forms our vendors use to record any SNAP of Double-up coupons they may receive during the day.

              This summer, I am also helping to get all the vendors folders organized, along with prepping all of the vendors tax forms before each market. This includes having to check to see which vendors will be attending each market and sorting out the folders of vendors who will not be coming. After the folders are sorted, I put a tax form in each folder, filling out the vendor name and marking if their application fee has been paid or not. The folders are then alphabetized for the next market.

              Alongside the website and the tax forms I have also worked on the market newsletter. I’ve completed the June newsletter and will soon be starting on the July newsletter. The newsletter is usually posted on the markets Facebook page and summarizes the events of the month. It also includes tips for the market, this month I included sustainability tips, such as bringing a reusable bag to the market to cut down on our market’s plastic consumption.

              For the rest of the market I’m hoping to get more people to stop using plastic at the market, by communicating with them through our newsletter, our website, or our other social media platforms. I will also hopefully be attending more networking events hosted by VisitColoradoSprings, to help expand the market as well as my own ability to network.

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