What’s Hoppin’?

It has been three weeks since I began my internship and it has been quite eventful! I have been working alongside the County Commissioners in order to learn what our county is expecting regarding economic development. They asked me to visit with the City Council’s within our county to gain information regarding their expectations for Barber County and for the local economy. So far I have only been to three meetings but the information and insight I have been given is extremely insightful and intriguing. I will use this information to create an analysis to present to the Commissioners so they can see the needs from across the county. I believe the County Commissioners will be pleased when I meet with them later on this month. After gathering this information, I will develop a survey for the businesses in Barber County to discover what they are experiencing in the local economy and their vision for the future. 

Regarding communication, I would like to improve at asking my supervisors questions. I am often hesitant to ask as I am a bit headstrong and like to problem solve, but I believe asking more questions could benefit me immensely. I could take on more leadership in the workplace by accepting or offering my assistance for tasks around the office that are outside of my traditional day to day routine. This would allow me to connect with my coworkers more often and help those in my office with the various projects on their plates. In my community I would like to take on more leadership in the community garden. This is definitely a goal of mine and I will be making room for it in my schedule! A goal for expanding my professional network would be to visit counties around Barber County to see and experience their projects regarding economic development in order to gain a better understanding of the projects in the area. 

I am enjoying my time here and learning about the local economy, mindset and visions for the future. We will continue to tell the community’s story and to celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small!

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What’s Hoppin’?

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