What’s Happening?

With a very busy summer schedule, I have had to have very flexible hours. My supervisor, Heather Cloward, has been very helpful in giving me an open schedule. Not only has she helped with that, she has also taught me a lot of valuable information. Throughout my time here so far. I have learned a lot about communicating with your peers, especially when it is a tough conversation. While having those difficult conversations, one must listen, and that does not mean just sit there quietly. To really listen is to maintain eye contact, have open body language, while obviously acknowledging what the other person is saying. A large majority of the time, people in leader positions have to make a lot of tough decisions. I have witnessed these decisions being made, as well as the process that it takes to make these decisions. There will always be negatives to every positive, and a leader must take the time to truly look and see if the good outweighs the bad. This has helped me understand the challenges of being a leader in a business, even though there are a lot of perks. A lot of people rely on the leaders in their environment in order to solve problems, fix disagreements, all while taking their side. A lot is expected of the leaders, and I have learned that from my month here so far.

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