What’s Happening

 I have been working on building a business incubator in my small community, and I’ve been researching all the different things we will need to have.  I’ve been looking for the best prices for computers, chairs, heating and air units, and many other things. I am finding the best reviews and options for the business incubator.  Recommendations are another big thing that I paid attention to help me find good products.

In June I attended our City Council meeting and asked if I could begin cleaning up our old police building where we are planning to have the business incubator.  We had a building contractor come to see what needs fixed and how much the repairs will cost before we start looking into grants. Right now I’m working on a list of items, needed, along with the costs, so I will know the amount of funds we will  ask for from grant investors. I’m going to start cleaning out the building and seeing what equipment is already there. 

 I’ve also been working with the local newspaper owner to create a logo for the business incubator.  I looked on the internet for ideas but I didn’t really like any of the ideas I found, they were very simple.  Also I researched business incubator names and I wanted something catchy and unique. The local newspaper owner has helped me come up with some cool names and some logo ideas, I am still trying to figure out which name I like best.  Branding your business is a really good thing to do to get your business out and about .

I decided to add another project that I’m working on also.  I want to promote my community so more tourists will visit our small town.  I plan to do that by taking pictures around town and in the canyons west of town.  I feel this would be a good way to show everyone how warm and welcoming our small community is and the beautiful scenery not far from here in the canyons.    

In the beginning of June I went to Denver and attended the GlobalMindED conference.  I got to do so many things, one of my favorite things we did was work with the urban kids and also us rural kids and we saw each other perspective of what we both think of big towns and small towns.  We worked as partners to create a model of what we want our town to look like in a few years and how we could bring more people into our communities. GlobalMindED was a great experience and has given me many opportunities.  I also went to Lamar Community College to the Presidents meeting and got to share about my internship and make more connections it was a great experience. 

This is my group and I at the GlobalMindEd event in Denver.

My goal is to have a lot of things ready  to get the business incubator up and running  when my internship is over for the summer. I also helped plan our community clean up day in June and helped with advertising making sure everyone knew about it.  My internship is going by super fast and I can’t believe I’m getting close to finishing for the summer! Time flies when you’re doing what you enjoy! I am so excited to keep working on the business incubator and bring more businesses to my small town.  I can’t wait to share in my next blog all that I have accomplished this summer. This internship has been amazing, working on projects that are meaningful to me.

This is a picture I took inside the business incubator for beginning photos.

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