What’s been going on??

Throughout my internship I have been making a lot of memories. I have learned so much from my co-workers Rowdy and Lydia. They have been very understanding under circumstances that are out of my control. I very blessed to be working with such kindhearted people. As far as the costumers go it is always a lot of fun to see their reactions to how much I already know about the Night Owl. We always have a great laugh and I love showing everyone what new things we have in the shop. I would highly recommend that when you guys are in Silverton to stop by and see us. We always love seeing new faces and so does Annie, CJ, and Oakley. It’s always fun when my family comes in and watches me work. I love all the conversations that I get to have and all the compliments that I get. It has also been very hard this week because of the passing of my mom. Other than things going on in my personal life my work has been very consistent and great. I love my internship and my group of people that are also interning with me. I am very glad that I get to have this opportunity to do so as a graduate. I am very thankful to have a great OC community like I do. I can’t wait until years to come to continue with my internships and grow in Ogallala Commons with the community I am in at that time.

Our Night Owl/Ghost Horse Gallery Shirt

Our Night Owl/Ghost Horse Gallery Shirt

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