What was Then, Could be Now -Cateline Isely


My parents, from as far back as I can remember, tried to raise us off local foods, even when we were in the city. If we couldn’t get local produce, then they made sure they knew where it came from at the very least. In addition to that, I remember being a kid who played outside and skinned my knees, got up, and kept playing. No matter what, I hated not being able to be active, which in a world of blooming technology, I’m thankful for each and every day, because no one remember that story of that time you texted so and so.

This internship makes me think about that a lot more than I have in a while. I am helping to promote senior bundles right now, ordering them will come next, but we are trying to encourage the local foods and healthier living. It’s strange how much just discussing a way to make the area healthier makes me see the youth on their phones and not want to be in that world. We are a new generation, generated by thumbs that can’t spit out messages fast enough or win enough games when we should be learning more from our elders, the outdoors, and even simple things like the silence of sitting in the sun.

I am starting to get more drawn into the health aspect of this program for the senior bundles, which makes me want to get others into it as well. Others of all ages in addition to those who fall under the category of my internship. Maybe that was a part of the internship that my supervisor, Chris Sramek, hoped I’d see and become more involved in as well. No matter if it was or wasn’t, I am certainly learning quite a lot and wanting to try to get others to see what they’re missing out on behind those lit up screens. It’s making me want them to see what was then, could be now.

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