What I’ve Been Up To

So far I have been working at First Nations Development Institute. I have been learning a lot about everything that they do to help benefit the Native communities in the country not just locally. Some of the ways they benefit the community is through the youth and teaching them and adults to be responsible financially. Another way is through involving themselves in the environment as well as the food industry and farming. This year is their 35th anniversary and I have been helping them plan a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico where they will have workshops and speakers. I have assisted by helping plan parts of the webpage where the registration will be and also helping with the invitations to the conference and putting those together. Along with the conference, I have also helped through organizing the grantee files and using my organizational skills in that aspect. I’m really looking forward to being more involved in conference planning more and learning about the organizations that receive grants from them and what they do to help their communities. So far I have been working closely with one of the people that planned their last conference and I have felt more of an interest in the part of the organization that helps with food and agriculture since that is something that I would love to be more involved in on my own once I am able to farm on my own land. Later on I will also be working with the person that handles more of the government issues. That will be a great experience for me since my major is in criminal justice.These screen shots are of the webpage registration I helped out with the conference logistics page as well as the agenda for the event. The first picture is of the event summary and more about the conference.

LEAD Web Page LEAD Pic

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