What I’ve been doing

In my current internship at Primal Gardens we have been doing a number of different tasks throughout my time working at this facility. Here at Primal Gardens we raise our produce from seed to harvest. This includes work such as plugging trays with plant pods, seeding and placing them under grow lights upstairs in our nursery for 2 weeks. After the 2 week period we transplant from the trays into rafts that will be placed into beds. From here our plants continue to grow for 5 weeks until we harvest. Our harvests go straight from the raft to the boxes we ship out. Many other tasks are required to be done weekly in order to maintain our aquaponic greenhouse. Cleaning and checking filters in our fish house are an extremely important part in keeping our produce healthy and growing in the right conditions. Other things such as feeding our tilapia non GMO feed five times a day, cleaning rafts after harvest, cleaning up our work area and maintaining the environment of our greenhouse to make sure it is as clean as possible are also critical factors in the work that we do. We also harvest our naturally raised tilapia once they reach capacity and we filet and freeze them for our local customers. During our orientation retreat at Talon Point, I set a few goals to try and push myself throughout my internship this summer. My communication goal is to become better able to talk and inform our customers with their needs with confidence. For leadership I would love to help the youth in my community to better themselves by applying skills that are learned through 4-H. Lastly, my professional networking goal is to get more feedback from our customers as to what they enjoy the best or their opinions in what we can do to better our company.

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