What I’ve Been Doing

By: Sophia, Hall

Hey guys, Sophia here! I have completed 43 hours so far. For my internship, I do office work around my school, Ascension Academy. Currently, I scan all hardcopy files from the past 20 years onto Google Drive so everything is easier to access and there will always be a copy. This will prevent problems if there is a fire or flood in the future. Scanning is more busy work for me since I’ve been doing it my whole life for my dad’s business. The new thing I am experiencing is answering the phones. This can either be good or bad. Most people are not frustrating, but there are some. Do I know a lot about the school? Yes. Can I answer a few questions? Also, yes. One thing I cannot do is answer tuition or admissions questions. That is a job for another person. Some people, however, do not want to be transferred to the person able to help them.

Whether they want to be or not, they get transferred. The nice thing about our phone system is that all calls can get sent to the app if a person is going to be gone. For example, if a faculty member is on vacation, I can still transfer the call and the caller will be able to talk to someone or leave a message; the messages will be able to be heard on the app. This helps communication in the workplace and helps establish a relationship between parents and faculty. I hope to improve my message-taking skills when I take a message instead of transferring it. Some people prefer this, which is fine, but it is easier on my peers if the call is just transferred to them. I also hope to improve my communication with difficult callers. I hope to seem more polite than annoyed over the phone. I hope to improve my leadership skills during Student Council this year. I also hope to improve my leadership skills in the workplace by taking more initiative. This will help me in future jobs during and after college. (Sorry there are no pics of me. I
work alone in an office.)

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