What I’ve been doing

I have been doing my internship in the lab at our local hospital. I have been getting to draw blood, some microbiology, and run certain tests. My favorite part has been working in microbiology. I love seeing all the bacteria growth. I like looking in the microscope too. I think it is really interesting to see all the different types of cells. I have been learning to distinguish the different cells. I also really enjoy drawing blood. I have also gotten to watch a few EKGs being done. I am almost done with my internship, I only have two more days. I have really enjoyed my time in the lab. I have made friendships, and professional connections that will last a lifetime.

I got to streak these plates. They turned out pretty good. I did a quadrant streak.
This is one way we run QC in microbiology. I got to run this one. We run QC to make sure everything is working correctly, so that patients don’t receive false results.
I got to practice making slides to stain. I practiced a lot before I got some good ones that I was able to stain.
These are the three slides I chose to stain. You stain the slides to determine weather the bacteria is gram positive or gram negative.

My communication goal is to have a conversation with someone, about something other than work, everyday. My leadership goal is to take initiative and do something I know needs to be done everyday. My goal to expand my professional connections is to talk to someone in a different department everyday.

I chose to do my community service with the Sheriff’s Office. I helped with their rock wall at the local fair. I helped hook kids to the rope on the wall so that they could climb it. I also got to climb the wall a few times. I made it to the top all but once. It is a lot harder than it looks. My community service had also expanded my professional connections.

This is me climbing the rock wall with a friend.

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