What I’m Up To

By: Semira Bookins

During this internship, I have been learning a whole lot. I’ve been to a variety of businesses that are very diverse, but one thing they all have in common is the amount they care about the people they are serving. Working with the business I have learned that any little show of affection or care can add so much happiness to someone’s day. And seeing people happy is something I’ve found I enjoy A LOT!
Working at Nicole’s Corner I’ve learned to care for plants, how retailing works, the art of making flower arrangements, and how to sell online. Working here was very fun for me because it heavily relates to what I want to do. Being inside of her store creates so much excitement for her customers, and that’s how I want people to feel when I start my own business.

The first business I went to was my local pharmacy. At the pharmacy, I learned that with business there are rules & especially rules regarding customers’ privacy. I also learned that how you act can affect others’ days in a good way. Everyone who came into the pharmacy always left with a smile. The girls that worked there were always so nice, and Christina & Joshua had the best attitudes ever, and that was reflected in their business. I also witnessed how they adapt to different people’s moods, and attitudes as well. Regardless of how upset they were, they always left happy. And if they already came in happy, they left even happier. Helping with Meals on Wheels was definitely the best! I enjoyed how happy people got when I showed up. I was super nervous and scared on my first day. I was scared of messing up and making someone upset. I honestly never wanted to leave, but I hope to be back soon to volunteer again! Mid Tulle had such an amazing environment. You can tell that their residents are their top priority. They plan so many fun events and keep their residents happy. I enjoyed being able to work with them and also learn about how different people can be, and how different people’s needs are. I’ve been having a blast doing the internship and learning new things. I’ve been working heavily on goal setting, and planning. My main goal right now is to get my business, and websites up at the end of my internship, and turn my dreams into reality. In doing that I want to also help people in my community by becoming an entrepreneur.

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