What Is Matthew Up To?

For my apprenticeship I am working for Kade Wilcox’s company Primitive Social. I help develop websites and other software based projects for them. I work remotely, so that means I work from my home or anywhere I can so I make my own hours as long as I am getting my work done.  I usually try to work from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. Even though I work from home, I like to work during the hours when mostly everyone else from the company is on. I am currently building two websites from scratch. I am learning a bunch of new skills like planning, coding, time management, and communication. Along with developing websites and software, I also attend weekly meetings on different days of the week. During these meetings we let the rest of the team know what we have been and currently are doing. Once a month we have an all team meeting. This meeting consists of a zoom call, like all other meetings, but with the all of the employees at Primitive Social on it. This is just an overview of what is going on with the company and updating on upcoming events. My network goal is to get to know what everyone does at Primitive Social and along with who they are. My goal for communication is to be able to respond to all emails and messages from people from my work so we can all get our work done in the most efficient way possible.

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