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What I Have Been Working On: Jacey Wideman

I have been very busy with my internship, which is exciting! Two weeks ago, I attended the Main Street Kansas Workshop in Great Bend, KS. The purpose of the internship was to learn to build entrepreneurial ecosystems within the community. One of the main aspects that I enjoyed about the workshop was that I got to meet Main Street directors from all over the state of Kansas and was also able to meet a few Main Street America directors. I am very excited to bring back what I learned to the community of Dodge City, KS to help build sustainable ecosystems for entrepreneurs in the area.

Additionally, I have been very busy attending meetings with business leaders in the community, which is helping me grow my professional network. Last Friday, I helped organize the Founder’s Day Weekend concert and this week I am helping organize our Business Appreciation Luncheon. This luncheon is to show appreciation to all businesses in the community!

Lastly, the big project that I am working on is building inventory for the businesses in the Downtown District and Main Street District. I am researching property addresses, property owners, business owners, and business owners’ addresses. Once I have completed all research, I will input them into our system to keep track of them. This will make it easier for the corporation when they need to find information. All in all, I have enjoyed working for Main Street Dodge City and am excited about what the rest of the summer will hold for me!