What I Have Been Up To.

For my current internship, I am working with the Agrilife Extensions office. In the office I work in we focus on things that mainly have to do with 4-H and the local areas. With that being said we have been active in many events in and out of our community. One of the latest events we have helped with was a horse show on June 28th in Canyon where we timed and set up most of the outside timed events such as barrels and poles. The day before my supervisor took me to validate lambs and pigs which was like nothing I have ever experienced. We validated the labs first by tagging their right ear and tattooing their left one as well as collecting hair samples for a drug test. Validating pigs was almost the same we tagged the right and took hair samples all we didn’t do was tattoo them. With this internship I meet lots of new people and communication is key. I don’t have any communication goals cause I have always found it easy to speak to others and communicate with large groups. So if I had to set any goals for myself it would have to use better grammar while speaking or speak properly. My leadership goal is to understand when its the right time to take action. I never know when its the right time to do certain things at events so I would like to work at that. Lastly, for my personal networking, I would like to try relate better with the people I meet. Everything I have done with this internship has been amazing and such a learning experience I am happy where I am and I look forward to the rest of my time as an intern.

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