What I have been up to

By: Emily Gamble

So far, I have been so busy in my internship and day-to-day life. My internship has a pretty flexible schedule however we have a few things we do every week no matter what. This year there are two interns at the Briscoe County Extension Office. Every day we go to the garden to weed and water it. Especially recently in the heat. We also lead the Low Impact Exercise Class at the senior citizens building on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Where we do exercises to improve the mobility of the joints and muscles of those in attendance. So far we have had a session at the two 4-H camps we have been to. The first comp was the Caprock Canyons camp. Where we planned and lead a session of water games. We chose to do a small introduction, then a game called water balloon volleyball, drip, drip drop which is just the water version of duck, duck goose, and we also played with the water balloons at the end.

At our most recent camp, we lead the water erosion table station. We helped the kids set up their farms and land as well as the lakes and rivers. Then we turned on the water and told them about erosion and how it affects the land. We also do the Summer Reading Program each Wednesday at the library. Where we read a book to the kids who attend and make a snack and craft to go with the theme of the book. We have also cleaned and organized all things, from the office, the storage room, and the contest boxes. We also helped with the summer cattle and sheep validation. As well as multiple crop and field evaluations. The most recent thing we have been doing is planning events for the upcoming school year and contests.

The goals I have set for myself are some that are new and some that I just need to improve. For my communication goal, I want to improve on speaking to adults. I have always just talked to the kids and contacted them for everything however I need to contact the parents too. I have been working on this recently as an intern. My leadership goal is just one that I want to improve. I do a lot of leadership through 4-H and this internship so I would like to improve my leadership outside of 4-H I want to be able to be a leader in all I do. Lastly for my professional network goal I want to connect with other county agents through this internship and learn from them and the projects they do. I have luckily already gotten to do this some from the camps and training I have attended.

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