What I Have Been Up To

By: Hunter Donovan

These last few weeks working at Retread Threads through Ogallala Commons have provided me with numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed! From day one, I have been given countless opportunities to learn more about the business world and myself. I was able to start out my internship with training and learning about the history of the organization I will be working with. This was truly so insightful and made me super excited to continue working throughout the summer.

After I learned more about the business and how it operated, I was able to start working both on the floor and behind the scenes. Some of the first things I was able to learn while working is how merchandise is priced and how the business itself is managed. Within a week, I was able to learn how to properly steam, price, and move clothes to the floor for display and sale. In addition, I have also been able to help the store by tidying up and making it more eye appealing! I have also been able to help create and implement new marketing strategies to make the store more appealing to various different audiences and age groups. I have also been able to work behind the cash register and help customers browse around the store. In addition, I have also been able to aid with several sales that the store has implemented while I have been involved.
I have also been able to help serve the store and community by helping sort clothes and load them to be donated to the Orphan Train

. Moving forward, I hope to continue learning and growing in and out of this internship by helping implement new programs that will make the store more accessible to all members of the community, by promoting more student and youth-led volunteering, and by further expanding my connections by communicating with past Ogallala Commons interns and creating more social media campaigns to help promote and grow the business! I am also looking forward to improving my professional and personal skills as I continue attending the Ogallala Commons leadership seminars and courses!

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