What I Have Been Up To

As an Ogallala Commons intern and pursuing a radiology degree, my observation and all task are under direct supervision of a registered radiology technologists. One of the first things I learned in my internship was patient care and patient confidentiality. When we go get a patient for an exam I am introduced to the patient as an Ogallala Commons intern student, and then we ask the patient if it is okay that I observe and assist in the exam.

I am really enjoying my internship in The Radiology Department at the Southeast Colorado Hospital. I have learned a lot so far. I now know how to set up a Cat Scan room and X-ray room for exams, how to warm up both the X-Ray and CT tubes, and the proper way to clean up rooms after an examination is complete. Every morning the CT machine must go through a Daily QA, this is done to make sure the machine is in good working condition for the day. I have been taught how to this as well.

CT Room:

Daily QA on CT Machine:

I have learned how to work the computer system the hospital uses and can enter/close orders, look at patient’s medical history, see patients reports after the radiologists reads the study, among numerous other things. I schedule patients for their exams and ask them pre-screening question, make disks of the patients’ images for the patients’ surgeons/ doctors, and observe in procedure/ surgeries. Another big thing that I am starting to learn is positioning the patient to ensure a good image for the radiologist to read.

A goal I have is to communicate better with potential colleges with radiology programs. My supervisor has already stated that he is going to start communicating with colleges. I believe that to ensure my success I need to start communicating with them as well. This will be how I will expand my profession network, and this will also help with my leadership skills because I will have to take the next step towards a bright future.

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