What I have been doing?

During my internship, I have been mainly working with the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce and I have done a few activities with the City of Holyoke Recreation Department. With the Recreation Department, I helped with their art camp for kids between K-6th. I was also able to do the Cookie Event that was held for kids. It was really fun to watch their interactions and their excitement to get to do fun activities with other children.

With the Chamber of Commerce, I have been learning a lot about the community and the purpose of the Chamber. It has given me a lot of experience that I know will be useful for my future endeavors. Right now I am working on helping prepare for the upcoming fair and the community’s calendar. An exciting part of the Chamber of Commerce is that I get to help serve ice cream to the community with the Chamber’s new ice cream truck.

My goals that I hope to achieve with this internship is being able to create a new form of communication through the newly vamped website that I hope to have completed by the end of my internship. For leadership, my goal is to be able to come up with solutions and be able to voice them out loud with little hesitation. The last goal I hope to have is to expand my connections through the different Chamber Members. I would like to meet as many Chamber Members as possible even if it is just getting to meet them in person once.

Cookie Event
First day of Root Beer Float Monday’s!

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