What have I been up to?


My name is Alexis Sopha.

I spend my time at the office on campus researching community events for future attendance and creating a service plan in my local calendar. 

I am working with Access to Success AmeriCorps at West Texas A&M as a Community Engagement & Service Intern. I help plan and develop community engagement and service days, events, and activities across the Texas Panhandle. 

I am currently researching the panhandle for future community events, education resources, and gathering information about the leadership in the school system and resources in the community. I am also working with another intern to prepare all research material for our program to use in a handbook and create an event to engage with the community. 

This is a map of the region I have been researching throughout the summer.

This includes community events, celebrations or service opportunities, and education resources. I gather information about civic leadership, leadership in the school system, and resources in the communities. 

My goal is to email proficiently, expand my professional network, and guide future members to join our organization. By understanding how to recruit potential members and schools will allow myself to know how to communicate to the community and setting up future events. I will be able to expand my professional network by engaging with potential community partners across the region. By serving the panhandle, I am able to use my leadership position to present information effectively to incoming AmeriCorps members.

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