What are you up to?

By: Alyssa Bullock

My internship has been mostly remote these first few weeks. I am working to update my company’s website. The information is fine, however, much of the text can be restructured to be clearer and more concise for clients. I am also combing through the website to point out broken hyperlinks, outdated media, and other easy-to-miss bits that might prevent my company from providing the best service possible. I also went to the industrial park in person to snap photos of the building and surrounding area to update the Google Business profile that pops up when you search the company online. I am hoping to begin working with numerous social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to ensure clarity on the posts.

One communication goal I have is to improve my emailing skills. I am good at keeping on top of my emails, but I often find myself spending too much time drafting them, the time I could otherwise be spending doing more productive things. I believe every leader should know their company inside and out, which is why it is one of my leadership goals to learn how my company’s machines are designed, built, and operated. This would make working with my coworkers easier and it would allow me to more thoroughly help clients with their questions and needs. Finally, to expand my professional network, I have set a goal to reach 550 connections on LinkedIn. It’s an excellent platform for employees and employers to speak and connect in the job marketplace.

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