What am I up to?

Hello, my name is Brook Goss, I am going to tell you all about the different experiences I have encountered in the last two weeks. I have spent my time with many people in two different locations. The first one was at my local pharmacy, this one was definitely different and also an eye-opening experience. I have never really noticed what it all takes to work at the pharmacy. It is complicated and simple at the same time. You have your pharmacy technicians who are the ones who sort out the different pills and liquids to a certain amount to the right time period you were prescribed. Then you have your pharmacist who scans the bottle and on the computer, it shows you what the pill is supposed to look like and who the prescription belongs to. Since you have to have a degree to do that type of work I pitched in where ever I could. I was taking the already filled bags and put them in alphabetical order bags so when the customer comes to pick them up they can find them quickly and easily. I have never looked this far into pharmacy work but it was definitely something new and interesting to learn about.

The next place I visited was definitely out of my comfort zone. I traveled to Brownwood Texas to be a teen counselor at our state’s 4-H center. I was very nervous about this task because I didn’t know anyone I would be working with or where anything was. The first two days were just training. We had different sections throughout the two days, including risk management, dealing with kids 101, how to talk to kids, and the does and don’ts with kids. We also did some team bonding skills and activities to help the kids bond and make friends. Once the campers got there I helped show campers where their cabin was and where they will be staying the rest of the week. I was assigned to help with the wildlife camp they were hosting. Once all of the campers who signed up were there, we jumped straight into our scheduled camp activities. We started out the day by going over different animals that you could find in the area and what they look like and what they eat. Then as the day went on we went over how to set up a game camera along with a deer feeder. Then once the sun was setting we went looking for different insets we could put in an aquarium we made for them. We found a few frogs, beetles, and a scorpion. Then the next day we got up At 5:30 in the morning to go set up dear blinds and watch for wildlife. We saw vultures, deer, and even a wild hog. The campers had such a good time and I enjoyed being one of the reasons they had a good time.

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