What am I up to?

 I work at my school with the labor force. So far we have been painting and organizing storage units. We have also gone through the school and cleaned all of the classrooms, moved more things to storage, and cleaned the library. I have repainted the cafeteria floor and all the bathrooms blue. I also painted the science room a darker shade of blue. Below are before and after pictures of one of the stalls. I also cleaned out and vacummed an old strage closet to make room for clothes. 

 My goals for this year include, my communication goal, which is to, be better with verbal communication with coworkers and/or bosses. My networking goal is to become more familiar with the people who work in and around my school in a professional and job like way. My leadership goal is to volunteer at a community service that would help build my leadership skills and help develop leading capabilities. 

Later this year we plan to finish painting the science room and to paint the gym. We might also help fix buses and wax floors. We are also going to work on taking all the trash out of the storage and books we don’t use. We plan to try and sell some of the math books because we have an excess amount. There are other buildings we may organize as well. This also includes the nurses storage and classroom storage. There is also the online building which is full of old computers and parts that no longer work.

Before and after photos of the bathroom.

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