What am I up to?

Currently in my internship I am learning how to check wells, collect water samples, among many other jobs for the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District. Each one of the jobs that I do has different equipment and technology that is used for certain tasks. One of the instruments I learned how to use was to check the levels of the water in wells. I have learned how to use a variety of different pieces of equipment for multiple tasks. For the past two weeks I have been working partially in the field and partially in the office. I have learned how to merge databases, create new logos, and update websites. Working on the computer has helped me learn so many different ways to use Excel, scan documents, and many other tasks. So far, my range of abilities has increased immensely. My goal for communication is to be better about communicating with my boss about projects that I am working on. From the leadership aspect I would like to be better about not second guessing myself every time I begin to work on something. A goal that I have for expanding my professional network is to meet everyone that works in the Rocky Ford Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District Office.  In one of the pictures below, we are digging a hole for the flume to sit level. We recently were given the job of putting two temporary flumes into the ground. The flumes are used to run water through that leads to a pond. At the flume, the water levels can be tested. The other picture is a place where we have to collect water samples.

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