What Am I Doing?

I have been currently working in a plant for the past two weeks(I am not allowed to tell details of machinery or show pictures inside the plant because of contract secrecy). My goal was to become an actually recognized member of our team and not some kid. I am still some kid the group recognizes me and often goes out of their way to include me in conversations. My only goal for leadership was to learn everything I can as fast as I can. So I can do better work and move up in the company. The goal for expanding my professional network is this internship. I have gained an understanding of how things run in these workplaces, who does what, and what companies do jobs I am interested in.

I have learned a bunch of stuff and finally got to see the workings of things I have only seen in class. The most important thing I have learned is the basics of tools cause I never knew any of the tool names or how they were used. Whether it be adjusting a torque wrench and splitting up the torqueing intervals or putting an awkward heavy trolly on an I Beam to put come along and chain falls onto. Lately, I have been trying to reach an understanding of how to calculate and adjust the motor to flang to coupling to flang alignment. Also wearing full fire-resistant clothing helmet leather gloves safety boots and safety glasses in 110 degree weather was some I will have to get used to especially in future jobs.

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