Welcome Kristyn Dickey


Hi! I’m Kristyn Dickey, a small town farm girl with worldly views. I grew up on a farm and ranch in Eastern Colorado, and then fled to Denver, CO for university to pursue a career in Spanish and Communication. Though I enjoyed the metro of concrete and color, I was drawn back to my roots when I transferred to West Texas A&M University to study Agricultural Media and Communication. Experiences through college led me to realize my truest passion: the revival of rural America, capturing the values of the cowboy with the ecological advancements of a liberal arts influence. I personally tend to gravitate towards minds who are unlike mine, and that is where I see the beauty in life-that we all have varying interests that can and do always have a common ground. I enjoy writing, farming, music, livestock, and traveling as much as possible. Although currently working in real estate, I plan to attend Oklahoma State University to pursue a Masters of Agriculture in International Agriculture, with a creative component of non-profit and youth development. The internship with Ogallala Commons will become a pivotal influence in my growth as not only an advocate, but a change agent, in the development of rural America, coupling the way of the old west with progressive leadership practices in our modern society. I am excited about my internship duties of assisting with youth programs and researching about the revival of rural America.

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