Walking into a new horizon

A look out on the plains.
A look out on the plains.


Hi everyone. I hope you all are well after our informative retreat. I am Vanessa and I live in Levelland, TX. I am going to begin my graduate studies at Texas Tech University in the Fall in the department of Sociology. I will be assigned and begin work on my thesis early into the term. I will also be a teaching assistant for the department and should be given my assignment in mid-June. I have always had an affinity for people, our minds, and our actions. I hope to delve in more intensely and give back to my community and others through improvement initiatives in the social venues of America.
I will begin my first internship with the South Plains Food Bank on June 9th, next Monday, and I am excited. I have met with my supervisor twice, and Ms. Asmah is an interesting and high energy lady. I will be working quite a bit with survey results and data entry for their GRUB Farm. It is an outreach sort of program that is conducted on the farm located in Lubbock with youth participants. I hope to find out what aspects of the program have been beneficial, and other areas that need improvement or restructuring. I enjoy working with younger adults, especially students, and so I look forward to the interaction I may have with the individuals. I hope to gain better communication skills, time management, and an improved professional demeanor. I want to build on this opportunity through making contacts with other non-profit organizations in the area. I am willing to be an active participant in getting the community more mobilized and aware of the struggles and essential needs of others right around us. I am excited to begin a new chapter. My life and career have been immobile for too long. Best of luck to everyone.

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