Volunteer Work

For my volunteer work, I handed out backpacks filled with school supplies for Garden City’s “Stuff the Bus” program and I cleaned up at the Dodge City Roundup Rodeo.

My first 8 hours were spent on Wednesday, August 1st, from 9-5 at Garfield Elementary Center. Here I worked at the table for high school students. The backpacks and supplies were split up by grades, from kindergarten all the way to high school, with a separate group of tables for migrant students. Upon opening the doors, there was a line of families that stretched from the door around the other side of the school. Throughout the day, we had a steady flow of students coming in to pick up supplies for the upcoming school year. We even ran out of backpacks for high school students and middle school students towards the end of the day! Luckily, there was still plenty of supplies left by the end of the event and the students were still able to get a backpack from the 5-6 grade table if they needed one. We then cleaned up and packed the remaining supplies to be sent over to the Salvation Army for any families that couldn’t make it that day.


My last two hours were spent cleaning up the grounds at the PRCA Rodeo in Dodge City on August 2nd. I walked around sweeping up any trash around the beer gardens, the stands, and the eating areas. During my time doing both of these activities, I met some awesome people. Normally, I feel rather awkward when introducing myself to new people and holding conversations with said strangers, however, doing so has felt a bit more natural these past few days. I’ve also gotten better at taking initiative, jumping in wherever I could during the “Stuff the Bus” event. Until recently, I hadn’t noticed the subtle improvements I’ve made in my goals, but while volunteering, I realized that I’ve come farther than I thought. Discovering that has made me appreciate this whole experience that much more.

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