Update 2.0!

Hey y’all! I am super excited to let y’all in on the last 6 weeks of work and update you from the last time I blogged. My internship has been super busy! We are working usually over 50 hours a week Monday through Friday and occasionally a Saturday.
On this blog, I really want to highlight my goals I have set for my summer. From the beginning when we started our internship on May 21, I had the goal in mind that I wanted to take a lot of what I was learning in my PSES classes at West Texas A&M and apply them to my job. For instance, I just took Crop Physiology and I really wanted to take a lot of knowledge learned like knowing what crop deficiencies look like and why they occur. I can say now going into our 7th week of work that I can pick out the differences in a magnesium or nitrogen deficiencies in corn or note what kind of damage cotton fields have due to herbicides. It is amazing how quick you can pick things up or remember the smallest details in the field that you learn in classes.
This summer so far, we have been in charge of scouting anywhere from 20-35 fields a person on a daily basis as well as testing the moisture blocks that we have been installing all summer. It is a lot to remember and you always have to have an eye out for the smallest things because it is so important to the farmers to know every detail. I can say that I have gotten good at remembering the fine details about a field a couple days later because it all sticks.
I have said it before, but it is super easy to get up for work when you have a great leader like James Todd and a fun crew to work with!
I’ll check in with y’all soon!

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