Two Weeks In and I Haven’t Accidentally Burned the Office Down so Things Are Going Pretty Smooth!

After a delayed start, I’ve finally begun my internship with Genesis Family Health! After discussing my skills and interests with my supervisor, he decided to have me work on both the quarterly and monthly newsletters, as well as translate for our healthcare providers. Because the clinic is only open on Mondays and Tuesdays, I’ve mainly been translating on those days while the rest of the week is spent working solely on the newsletter. I’ve also partaken in other odd jobs like making copies, scanning, answering phones, redecorating the office, and organizing the lab.

Thanks to the flexibility of my internship, I’ve been able to work on improving my communication, networking, and leadership skills. I hope to work on my Spanish communication skills so I can be a more proficient speaker, an effective translator, and successfully translate documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. So far, I’ve been decent at translating. I struggle to transfer certain words from Spanish to English and vice versa. As far as networking, since the headquarters of Genesis Family Health is located an hour away, I’ve been doing quite a bit of that. I plan on communicating with various people that work for Genesis Family Health’s four locations for upcoming articles. My leadership skills are probably what needs the most work. I have a tendency to sit back and wait to be given a task or objective to complete. Fortunately, the office setting I’m in seems to be fertile ground for me to flourish in this area. I can take the initiative on writing articles for and organizing the newsletter as well as find small tasks around the office to do.

My main area of focus will be the newsletter. I’ll be writing articles, editing drafts, and formatting the newsletter. Unfortunately, due to patient privacy, I can’t take any photos of me translating for patients and providers. So here’s some of me sitting at a random computer, acting like I know what I’m doing. Just kidding, it’s my computer. Well, the one that was assigned to me anyways. 

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