Top of the Muffin to Ya!

Good morning, fellow interns and anyone else who’s reading this (mom and dad),

My name is Britt Snipes and before you ask that is not short for Brittney, Britain, Britta, etc. I’m a recent graduate from West Texas A&M University. I am a double major; advertising/public relations and electronic media. What I love about my degree is the broad list of professions I can be involved in. I’ve dabbled in writing, photography, videography, and graphic design–all thanks to my expensive piece of paper! I first interned for Ogallala Commons during the summer of 2015. My job was to promote the Stewarding Our Aquifer Initiative by creating short videos. I met some very interesting people who were reducing the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer in unique ways; from Lubbock, TX to Rapid City, South Dakota. After my internship, I became interested in working on policy issues. On a whim, I decided to apply for an internship with my congressman in Washington DC during the fall 2015 semester. I was fortunate to be accepted into the congressional intern program and spent the semester working closely with the press team. Through that experience, I realized my passion for writing and politics. In the midst of my long senior year in college, consumed with papers and portfolios, I decided to apply for graduate school. I was accepted into the University of Liverpool (yeah, the one in the U.K.) on Christmas Eve to study 20th century history and politics. I’ll be an official international student in September.

Before I head out, however, I’m glad to be doing another internship with Ogallala Commons. I’ll be curating videos of local food producers and taking photos at community markets that are building the El Llano Estacado foodshed that stretches from Amarillo, to Lubbock, to Midland, Texas. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out for more information.

In my spare time I enjoy writing, reading, hiking, eating pancakes, snapping photos of my nephew, riding my bright yellow bike, and hanging out with my sweet, Jesus-loving friends.

My family and I like to go to the mountains often. This is outside Taos Pizza shop–the BEST pizza!
This is my nephew, Jed. He’ll be two in July!
My friends threw a surprise party for me and my friend Ben this last year. They’re wonderful humans!

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