Top 3 Assets of Woodland Park

Wildlife and Natural world- Woodland Park is located in the mountains so not surprisingly there is a lot of wildlife and nature in the community. This asset is highly prized in the community because it’s one of the biggest attractions of Woodland Park. City council has made it a priority to keep Woodland Park beautiful and preserve the mountain town vibe. It is very common to see deer wondering through town and it is almost a given that if trash is left out, a bear will get into it. The wildlife can be annoying, especially if you’re trying to grow a garden, however, wildlife and the natural world is my favorite part of my community because it adds so much beauty to everyday life.

Leisure and Recreation- Recently the City’s community park was remodeled and it is now quite the popular place. On almost any day there can be found many people in the park fishing, running, playing on the playground, or simply relaxing in the grass. Before the park was remodeled it was a rundown area that wasn’t used much by the community but now it is the city’s perfect spot for leisure and recreation. The Farmers Market has greatly benefited from the parks remodel because now instead of being located in a parking lot, the Market is held in the park. At the end of the Market’s summer season the Woodland Park Farmers Market is hosting a community dinner at the park. Without this prime asset putting on any such event would be very difficult in our community.

Remodeled Park


Spirituality- There are least fourteen churches that I know of in our little city of Woodland Park. It is an asset that I would say the community values. About five years ago a Bible College was added to the community which has drawn people from all over the world to our town. In the past I used to attend free yoga classes that was open to the community that often focused on spiritual balance, the classes became very popular. Being as the location of Woodland Park is in a place where there are mountains to climb, many people are very health conscious not only physically but spiritually as well.

Strolling through the Market

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