The Recycle Project.

unnamedSince my internship started figuring out the flow of things has come easy. The market goes smoothly each time, as does the behind the scenes part of the market. We hit minor bumps in the road, but nothing our team cannot figure out.

Now the harder part begins; our team at the Teller County Farmers Market lost one member. I am now the only intern present. This could mean more work for me, but also more opportunities to get involved with the community.

This week is the week I am beginning our recycle project for the Market. Our plan is to have large recycle bins at our market for people to use. So many of our vendors carry/sell their produce in cardboard boxes that it would be very idiotic to not recycle. Our goal is to make our market as unnamed1environmentally friendly as possible. So far I have gotten a hold of our Cities planners and was lucky enough to have the recycle bins be placed at the market this Friday. Now I must get our local waste management company to pick up the bins full of the recycled materials. Teller County Waste Management has been difficult with us in the past, but with the city behind us I hope we can convince them to work with us and develop a healthy partnership with the market.

I hope that the readers of my blog understand how important recycling is; keeping our cities and towns clean and healthy should be a number one priority.

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