The Outcome of My Internship

By: Bailee Baggerman

The Ogallala Internship has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so many new things like how feedlots work, how to make a filing system, customer service, and how to work in a good work environment. I liked working in the OC program because it allowed me to attend many different companies and learn about how every company is run differently and I got to meet many different people and make so many new connections. Working at seven different places helped me to realize that work is something you are supposed to love doing and want to do every day.

My three communication, leadership, and my professional networking goals were learning how to communicate well with others and be able t voice my opinion, take action and help others, and meet new people and make connections through them.

I met my communication goal by having to call each company every week and asking them what my hours would be like, what I would need to wear every day, and what I would be doing. I also met my communication goal by having to ask questions and speak up when I needed help with a task.
I accomplished my leadership goal by having to work with a team to get stuff done and each of us pitching our ideas to come to an answer and reach a goal. One example is when I got to work at the extension office and a couple of girls and I had to deliver tickets for the Swisher County Picnic Celebration. We had to work together to make a plan and take the right actions to get the tickets delivered fast and the least complicated. We got all of the tickets delivered and we got all of our tasks done.

I also learned a lot about professional networking and how to make connections. I made connections and actually gained from the connections that I made and got offers to work for some of the companies again. For example, I got asked to dog sit for one of the ladies that I had worked for and it was nice that she trusted me enough to stay at her house and take care of it and her dogs. I also am getting to work for one of the companies that I worked for at the end of my internship some more this week. They offered to pay me as long as I help them get some work done.

I got a lot out of this internship and I am extremely glad about the outcome of my experience. I am thankful to be able to be involved with the OC internship and It was a great decision.

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