The New Kid on the Block

Being new at something isn’t always the best feeling, especially if you are straight out of school with no experience. This my friends is the way I would describe my first day as an intern at Pampa Regional Medical Center. Now imagine jumping into a new environment with no idea of what your day has in store and BAM… there I was.

I walked onto med/surg and met the best LVN and her name is Becky. Now when I say she was the best, I mean she was the best. I soon forgot about being scared and felt like I was just spending another day in clinicals. She showed skills in her practice and was a great example of patient care and advocacy. Becky always made sure her patients were comfortable and that they were given the best care possible. At the end of that day I felt like I had learned so much information that I could not get from a textbook. The following days I went from med/surg to the ER. Now if you want exciting and interesting, the ER is the place for you. I was definitely shocked by what came through those emergency room doors, but I can say I learned a lot of different techniques during my rounds there. I saw many IV’s, Foley catheters, blood draws, x-rays and medication administrations. I noticed that each individual nurse had a different way of doing all of these important procedures and I found that very comforting. Why? Because it shows that there are many correct ways to get to the finish line. Overall the ER staff showed an ability to work fast and give great on the spot care to patients in the community.

Throughout these two weeks at the hospital I have developed a new interest in patient care and nurse health and whether there is a positive or negative correlation between the two. I hope to look more into this topic as I continue my internship. And on that note, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I am looking forward to reading all about my fellow intern’s experiences. This is Angelica signing off!


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