The Key Assets of Tulia

Lake McKenzie
Lake McKenzie

Soil & Mineral Cycle: Soil Menders is a business that sells organic soil prep and soil building products. Earthworms also benefit the soil by breaking down organic matter to allow water to flow through the soil.

Renewable Energy: Tulia is beginning to see more and more wind turbines being built.

History: Tulia shows pride for the history of the town by having a museum and cemetery. There are also arrow monuments marking the Quanah Parker Trail which passed through the town.

Wildlife & the Natural World: Because of all the rain the area has been receiving, frogs have been plentiful, along with salamanders and mosquitos. Horse and cattle are also not rare in the area.

Water Cycle: The Ogallala Aquifer is a huge source of water supply. It is cleaned and used as drinking water or irrigation for crops.

Health: Swisher County Memorial Hospital and Clinic was one of the places where I interned, and I learned that it offers many health features for a rural community. Tulia also has a nursing home and dentist office.

Sense of Place: Picnic is a huge celebration that celebrates the founding of Tulia. There are activities that lasts for a week such as food, music, and dancing. The celebration is concluded on Saturday with a parade followed by a barbecue, rodeo, then dance. This is also a great way to attract visitors to Tulia.

Education: The Tulia Independent School District consists of Swinburn and Highland Elementary, and the junior high and high school.

Spirituality: There are about fourteen churches.

Foodshed:The main food source is Lowe’s Grocery Store.

Leisure & Recreation: Tulia has a city pool, and Lake McKenzie is about twenty minutes out of town. Many visitors commute to this lake since there are not many lakes in the area.

Arts & Culture: There are many religious paintings and statues that decorate the churches in Tulia.

A frog and toad found near a playa lake.
A frog and toad found near a playa lake.

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