The First of Many Road Trip Ramblings

By: Macy Tapp

Howdy! Coming to you from Lubbock, Texas.

When this blog topic was presented to me, it was suggested that this would be the “easiest” post I would write. I hope you are laughing with me because truly the question of who we are is a daunting one. I could write about other things with ease, but to truly encapsulate the idea of self in a mere few paragraphs is comedic at best.

It seems as though who I am depends on who you ask. There’s a fundamental issue with being defined by the perception of others, but it is a start. Allow me to introduce myself to you, from the perspective of the people who are most important to me. Community shapes us, which is why I am interning with Ogallala Commons in the first place.

My mom would describe me as a puppy: lots of energy and then I need a snack and a warm place to nap for the afternoon. My dad, who I am much alike, would describe me as resilient. People who knew me years ago would have noted my academic prowess. These days, the salutatorian people once knew is recognized as a tattoo-covered artist and business owner who recently graduated from Texas Tech University. In my community, I am an artist, alumni, and advocate.

I am most myself when I am drinking coffee with people who embody creativity, brilliance, and beauty. I thrive on late nights spent working on projects or camping under the stars. About a third of my time is spent on the road, telling stories for Homebody Photography, because I grew up in Lubbock where the mentality of a road trip is something along the lines of “it’s only six hours.”

At the intersection of creativity, community, and West Texas road trips lies the work I do for Ogallala Commons. I believe in the value of the communities we seek to empower. When I tell people about me, I find myself talking about the people who are most important to me. My community has defined me, making me into a woman who seeks to document and steward beauty.

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