The First Couple Days

Hi again! I have just begun my internship within the last couple days. When I met with my supervisor for my orientation I was provided with a worksheet that had various value added ag-business producers and retailers around Kansas. I have been taking the time to get those different businesses in “working order.” I will be contacting all these producers and getting information from them, because of this I wanted to get all their information in one place, so I’ve been creating a contact list for easy access to the business’ information. I am going to try and create “groups” also (ie, farmers, ranchers, retailers, etc).

I am still working on gathering all the different counties I will be working with and researching the different businesses in those counties. I have been doing some brainstorming on my own regarding producers that I know personally. Once I’ve contacted the businesses I can get different information; whether that’s how much land they are planting on, or how many head of cattle they have, or what major companies they supply to. Once I’ve gather information on these businesses I’ll be doing a write up on them on another blog. I think that this will be the most interesting thing about my internship because I’ll be able to re-teach everything I’ve learned, for other people to be informed about their communities and surrounding areas. So far, it’s been a lot of computer time with researching and looking up addresses and phone numbers, so I’m excited to actually be able to get out and talk to the business owners!


This is the worksheet I was provided with about 40 businesses that wKREDA already had to contact. The purple ink is the county of the business, and the pencil is the contact information. Some of the businesses had a small write up on the type of business they are, while others just had the name and location, so it was interesting to read and gather information for all the businesses.


This is the Excel contact list I’ve been working on.

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