The End

I can’t believe my internship this summer is over!   It went by so fast. This has been a great experience and I have learned so much through my internship.  I’ve met new people and have made connections which will help me with job opportunities in the future. Ogallala Commons is an amazing organization that helps kids pursue almost anything they want to pursue and also helps to better communities.

This summer I have done many different projects throughout my internship.  Some of the projects I have worked on are planning and helping with activities during Campo Days and also planning Campo clean up day.  My main project was starting up a business incubator in our town to bring more businesses and jobs to our town. The business incubator project is a very big project and I will continue working on it until the business incubator is ready to be open since I have finished my internship hours for this summer.

I have been really busy with my internship since I am the only one working on this project.  This summer I spent a lot of time researching so many different things from heating and air units to researching what other business incubators offer.  I had many challenges such as learning what works in a business incubator and what kinds of guidelines we need to make our business idea work. This project has been difficult for me with all the work I have put into it, but I know in the long run it will be worth all my time and effort.

I am painting at our cemetery for community service hours.

This summer I made two goals and told myself I would pursue these goals until the time my internship was over.  My first goal was to get my city council’s approval to use their building to turn it into our town business incubator.  The second goal was to make sure I was very organized so if someone else helps me in the future with this project they can also understand what needs to happen next.   

 I plan to continue working on finding a grant for the business incubator so we can get it up and going.  I’ve designed room ideas for all the office spaces to make it easier for people to picture what it will look like when it’s finished.  I will have to clean up the inside of the building a little bit and get a few repairs done and then we will be ready to open our business incubator.

I plan on working on this project some during school when I get a chance with free time or if it fits with a class I take.  I have really enjoyed doing this project. It has shown me things I’m good at and things I need to work on. Doing this internship has taught me many things that I can use for my future career.  I’m already thinking of projects for next summer. This has been an amazing opportunity and I recommend doing an internship for Ogallala Commons.  

Here I am presenting to the City Council about how my internship turned out.

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