The End of My Internship

I’m writing this on my very last day with the Dodge City/ Ford County Development Corporation. I came to realize quickly that a positive work environment strengthens yourself as a person. While I have enjoyed most of my previous jobs, this one solidified my future in the corporate world.

Main Street is an organization under the Dodge City/ Ford County Development Corporation, which is what I worked for. Main Street revitalizes and improves the historic downtown district and creates events to bring people to that area. Events created by Main Street Dodge City are Main Street Festival, Final Fridays, and International Festival. There are other events created by other organizations under the corporation that I was able to attend and participate in. Most of my contribution was updating event flyers, updating the website, and marketing the program to downtown businesses and community.

My biggest challenge came from networking with well known professionals statewide. I went to two events in the Santa Fe Depot where I work to attend informational meetings. One was our Kansas representative, Tracey Mann, the other was Governor Kelly. The event where Governor Kelly attended was a great time to network and learn who and about the “important” people of Kansas. My mentor, Coral, challenged me to meet and create conversation with individuals. I started fairly easy with a manager from our districts bus barn. I then found myself speaking with a Kansas Representative, which I hadn’t known until my mentor informed me. Lastly, I spoke with governor Kelly. I mentioned the Ogallala Commons Organization with the other intern for Development Corporation. After that, everything seemed very easy and my confidence shot up.

My communication, leadership, and network goal were reached with the help of Dev Corp and mentor. I was told to go out and meet people even if it made me uncomfortable. I found myself starting to do it on my own doing which in turn made it natural. The word-of-mouth marketing that I would do every week helped with my communication skills. Rural Education Workforce Alliance (REWA), another organization under Dev Corp, had many luncheons that had back and forth discussion, this too helped with developing that skill. Leadership was worked on during community service. The other intern and I guided our friends during a couple hours of community service, therefor, we had an effective day. My networking goal was reached. Everyday I was speaking to at least 10 new people because of how involved the organization is with every social class in our community. Overall, the goals were meet from the positive push of my mentor.

Camila Gonzalez, Main Street Intern

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