The Continual Growth in San Felipe Pueblo

The Notah Begay III Foundation primarily works with the community of San Felipe. All the programs that have been created are based in this area. This community has many of the assets associated with the commonwealth mapping. The first one is education. There is an elementary school that has summer programs for all the students. There is also a very nice soccer field available to the whole community. Many of the people are able to go play with their children in the evenings. As far as health of the community, there are community centers available for everyone. Meetings are usually held in these places. Yoga classes are held for people to attend. The sports programs are available for the youth and many of them enjoy participating in the activity. It helps them maintain some form of exercise and provides them with social engagement. The leisure and recreation aspect is almost the same as the health aspect. The children of the community are provided with programs that help them socialize as well as get the opportunity to use their creativity. The area of San Felipe is very connected with their relationships. Native people are very spiritual and have a lot of culture. They have events that bring the community together and invite people outside of the community to come and join in. From what I have experienced people are very polite and always invite you to come inside even just for a quick chat. The people of this community have a great sense of place to San Felipe. They take pride in where they are from and give meaning to the area. As far as the arts go, they perform very intricate designs with their beadwork. San Felipe pueblo holds feast days in which they celebrate their culture. They also have tribal dances in which are religious ceremonies. Many of their celebrations are private as well as their community. The pueblo is near the Rio Grande River, the river provides an abundance of water for farming and other activities. New Mexico in general contains many different desert plants. Many of these plants do not need much water and can survive throughout each of the seasons. The Rio Grande has provided the community with water that can sustain their farming. The community mainly gets their food from Albuquerque, but other sources have been created. MoGro, a food truck, has provided fresh and affordable food to the community. Currently, the community uses renewable energy sources of wind, solar, geothermal heat and hydropower. This has helped them immensely and new sources are continually being created. Overall, the commonwealth is thriving in the community of San Felipe and I believe it will continue to grow over time. 0702141606a 0702141412

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