The Commonwealth’s of Woodland Park

Here in the Rocky Mountains it is safe to say we care about our sense of place, and the beautiful environment, which we share with the wildlife that make this town special. Being in a small town means running into people at the supermarket or at the local coffee shop. It feels like home here, the people of Woodland Park are so warm and welcoming, which makes it hard to leave. We are also surrounded by a forest (Pike National Forest), which means we have more than just the neighbors across the street. We have the neighbor’s that eat your flowers and attack your bird feeders.

Our town has about seven thousand people living in it, which means it isn’t hard to run into friends and family when out and about. Many people that come to Woodland Park are blown away by the views of Pikes Peak and never want to leave. I’ve met families who have been here for eight generations! It’s very fascinating to hear the stories of the early days here. Some teenagers think it is boring and terrible here, but I know I wouldn’t trade growing up here for the world.

Woodland Park is a community that recycles, uses sustainable practices, and fight to keep the wilderness surrounding us untouched. We have two waste management companies in our town that help our community to recycle. Asking around in Woodland Park you will find that at least one out of three people recycle. Many citizens also have green houses, which they use to grow organic fruits and vegetables throughout the year. For the wildlife we have in our community, well it is infested with deer, which we call “our pets”. They roam the streets, use our sidewalks, and will even come up to be scratched behind the antler. We see ourselves as a unique community where we can coexist with the natural world and the many beautiful animals that come along with it.IMG_1254IMG_2865

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