The Commonwealth within Garden City

We all feel welcome to this city. Main Street is buzzing with friendly walkers. Throughout the town there are dozens of languages spoken and discussed while the shops cater to individuals from all walks of life. Everyone is polite to one another and we all see our day through. In a place and time where many people see the divide between many different cultures, our rural city is brought together through its unity and diversity, started by the need for a place to work, and continued by a welcoming populace.  

Farmland outside of Holcomb, next to Garden city

History is also present within our lives, with the Windsor Hotel and the State Theater standing beacons of hope towards a revived downtown center. The cemetery bears the dedications to the fallen soldiers who serve our country and the many names and nameless dedication to the many individuals who once populated this town. Not only does our city live on the history of its founders, but the many cultures carry their own personal histories within them. This kind of uncommon interconnectedness within a relatively small center has even drawn attention of academics and filmmakers alike. The Lee Richardson Zoo is a longstanding attraction to our small community for many decades and has evolved with the city for decades.

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