The commonwealth of Hart Texas

I live in the community of Hart, Texas. Our town is not the biggest town so we do not have many commonwealths but the ones that we do are set deep in our roots. They keep our town going. The first commonwealth would by our City Council. They are the ones who make all of the big decisions that they believe will benefit our town and the people. Without them, our town would quickly decline and eventually deteriorate. Another commonwealth our town has is our Hart Days Committee. Hart Days is a big source of income for our town. The people that help make it possible are the reason it all works. Our churches are a big part in our spirituality commonwealth. The churches play a big role in keeping our people together and keeping close knit relationships. The clinic where I did my internship this summer is another one of our community’s commonwealths. We get people from all over the panhandle to come see our doctor, our dentist and dental hygienist. Our clinic is nonprofit and people will not be turned away because of their inability to pay. In my opinion, our town’s greatest commonwealth would have to be the school. Our school provides education for our kids, jobs for parents and community members, and it also brings in people from other towns. All of these things are what keeps our town running smoothly. If one of these things does not work, the rest cannot function properly either. They are all equally important.

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