The Commonwealth of Borger, Texas

Borger, Texas is a diverse community rich in many areas that comprise the Commonwealth. Especially in the areas of education and spirituality. Home to 0all levels of education from kindergarten through the community college, the community rallies behind and has great love and support of their educational system. Events sponsored by the various schools are often well-attended. The community demonstrates its pride in their schools which is often seen by the decoration of numerous vehicles, homes, fences and clothing which people wear and display in support of their local schools. The same can be said for the community devotion to spirituality. This is evidenced by the numerous houses of worship and diversity of the religions they practice. Often, public meetings begin and end with a word of thanks for the Almighty. A venture through the downtown area will reveal a number of postings as to the goings on in numerous churches throughout the community. More often than not these extend open invitations for one and all to join for worship and praise. Sundays most often find the church parking lots mostly filled and once services have finished you can find many of the parishioners gathering at a local eatery to continue their fellowship. Along with the many other outstanding attributes one can find in the small community of Borger, these two truly stand out as a great example of the uniqueness found in small town America. I am proud to call Borger my home and join with my neighbors in showing pride in our town.

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