The 12 Points

Throughout my internship, I have been learning more and more about the commonwealth assets and how to identify them. I’ve also learned how they all intertwine within a community. Since I work at a farmer’s market, some vibrant points of the commonwealth map were food shed, health, education, soil and mineral cycle, and wildlife and the natural world. I have been to multiple farms and have learned about the water cycle and the soil cycle, which helps me better understand the natural world. Through learning about those three commonwealth assets, I realized education was a big part of it. Because I learned more about those cycles, I was better able to share my expertise with many of our customers. I now know how to grow and pick a good watermelon, what a split seed peach is and how to identify it, and how to skillfully place items together to raise sales. I learned how great homegrown produce brings a community together to create a sense of place, and how those products raise health awareness. With a healthy community comes a happy community, and I am blessed to be a part of that. Not all of the commonwealth assets were easy to identify, despite my earlier thoughts. Ones I struggled to identify within my internship were spirituality and renewable energy. In Plainview, we do have a large windmill farm, which powers electricity that our farms need to produce their goods and our social media posts. I realize that arts and culture were right there in front of me; growing goods in itself is a very tricky art to master. I am still struggling to find a concrete spirituality point in my internship. I am sure that as my internship continues, I will find more connections between all of the assets and come to a deeper understanding of my small-town community. I look forward to continuing my education of these matters and helping my community grow.

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